How to Destress this Holiday Season

how to destress during the holidays

Are the holidays getting you stressed out? You don’t want to be so stressed that you forget to or don’t have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the holidays with your family. When you feel like your rushing, you’re sweating without the workout, or can’t breathe. Here are a few ways to calm down, relax and enjoy your holidays this season. Exercise. Get your body moving, releasing toxins, sweat out the stress. If doesn't have to be a hard workout, even just a quick walk. Eat a piece … [Continue reading...]

Raspberry-Cranberry Jello Salad

Raspberry Cranberry Jello Salad--only 3 ingredients!

My sister made a Raspberry-Cranberry Jello Salad for Thanksgiving that I thought would be perfect for Christmas because of the beautiful dark red/burgundy color.  After I received the recipe, I was also impressed with how easy it is to make.  It only takes 3 ingredients! My sister put it in a circular mold that she had sprayed with cooking spray.  We still had a hard time having it slide out of the mold, so we slid a knife around the upper edge to loosen it from the mold … [Continue reading...]

Why Holiday Traditions Are Important

why holiday traditions are important

Holiday traditions. We all have our own traditions in our families. Its something to look forward to each year that the whole family gets involved in but do you ever think why they are so important?    We have created traditions in our family as it grew. No TV during dinner, we talk about our day. Friday night is movie night. Every other Sunday is family day. But the holiday traditions are the ones I look forward to the most.    Why Holiday Traditions Are … [Continue reading...]

College Entrance Testing: What You Need to Know

College Entrance Testing: What You Need To Know

  Do you have a High School student who is college bound? Are you overwhelmed about all of the college admission requirements from testing to credits and essays? My son is a junior in High School and the heat is now on as we we prepare for College. Here are a few tips for you when it comes to admission exams. Keep in mind that you can take SAT/ACT up to 3 times (you do pay again each time), but taking it more than once has a huge benefit! You can choose your highest score to submit to … [Continue reading...]

Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party, Week 58

bloggers brags

Welcome to the   Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your "brags" with us!  Last week, we had 170 links!   Next week, we will take a break from this party to  observe Christmas.  We will be  back on January 29.  Have a Merry Christmas! Here are this week's  These 3 posts received the most clicks last week! Easy Gingerbread House for Christmas by A Life In Balance A Very Merry Christmas Home Tour by Chic California 10 … [Continue reading...]

Home Made Slow Cooker Apple Cider

Home Made Slow Cooker Apple Cider

There's nothing that smells better this time of year than a home filled with the smell of apples and cinnamon and nothing tastes better than coming in from the cold to a freshly made apple cider waiting for you.  In less than half a day you can also enjoy your own delicious cup of home made apple cider.  Although this recipe calls for a slow cooker, don't worry if you don't have one!  This recipe can also be made in a large pot on the stove.   You will … [Continue reading...]

Color My World Series #6 ~ Purple. Introducing the Color Purple into Daily Activities.

Color my world series: Purple

Welcome back to our Color My World Series.  This month, we are exploring the color PURPLE.  I don't know about you, but I LOVE purple. It's such a fun color. There are some absolutely DELICIOUS fruits and vegetables that are purple.  You probably already buy a few of them.  Take a trip to the grocery store and have your little one pick out all the purple items.  Take some grapes home & have a healthy snack.  Photo Credit : … [Continue reading...]

Holiday Beauty Tips for Super Woman

Holiday Beauty Tips for Super Woman

We all know that the holidays are in full swing. For most of us that means parties, hosting, decorating, cleaning, and looking your very best while doing all of the above. Being a woman is difficult at times; we are expected to be super mom, super wife, super employee, and super flawless while completing all of the fun (and daunting) tasks. The holiday season means that we are transformed from mommy and wifey into Super Woman! There are a few tips that I’d like to pass along to you that will … [Continue reading...]