Small Space Gardening : Apartment Living

Small Space Gardening : Apartment Living

You want to start a vegetable garden (or any garden really), but you just don't have the space. Or a yard. How do you even think about gardening when you live in an apartment like me and not only don't have a yard, but are living in cramped quarters? Yahoo! Voices has some fantastic advice on apartment gardening.  They say that as long as you have a porch or a balcony that gets sunlight, you can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and plants. Using containers to garden is … [Continue reading...]

What’s Trending for Spring Dresses?

What's Trending in Spring Dresses

Spring brings a rush of weddings, parties and festivities, and we all want to go looking our best, right? One very popular color trend this spring is Radiant Orchid, a warm and inviting shade of lavender. Icy pastels and sweet shades of pink are also showing up in fashionable venues. An adventurous pairing of lighter shades with bright hues is another fun trend you might be noticing. Classic black and white have also made a come back, which is good because it's a color pairing that most of us … [Continue reading...]

Take a Minute To Pause

Take a Minute To Pause

Just the other night I woke up at 5am for no apparent reason. Do you think I could fall back asleep? Nope I was WIDE awake. There was no reason to be up. None of the little ones were making any noise. The dog was asleep, my boyfriend was asleep. There wasn’t even any outside noise. So again – no reason to be awake – but there I was wide awake. Normally this would irritate me. My alarm does not go off until 6:30am there is 1.5 hours of precious sleep that I should be having right now. That didn’t … [Continue reading...]

Guiding Children Through a Natural Disaster

Getting Children Through A Natural Disater

  On March 23, 2014 our county experienced a tragic natural disaster. The OSO landslide came without a warning that Saturday and wiped out homes and families. There are still many missing and we lost so many already. The entire neighboring towns including my own town I live in less than 20 miles from the slide is embracing Oso, Wa. My son is 5 and not only does he catch our local news break ins as they update us throughout the day, we have helicopters continuously flying over our house and … [Continue reading...]

Toddler Skin Care Routine – From Winter to Spring with #AveenoBabies

Toddler Skin Care Routine - From Winter to Spring with #AveenoBabies

I am not sure where you live but here in South Western Ontario (Canada) we have had a brutal winter. It has been cold and snowy (the most snow I can remember – ever). If you have lived in a cold climate you probably understand my frustrations of trying to keep up with a skin care routine when you are going from hot (inside a nice heated home) to cold (anywhere outside). It is hard enough keeping my skin care in check let alone my 2 year old’s (BG). I was thrilled when Aveeno contacted … [Continue reading...]

2nd Annual Great Spring Cloth Giveaway. Over $400 in Prizes!

Great Spring Cloth Giveaway

It is finally spring. Those of you in South Western Ontario (like me) know I really mean finnnnnallllly. The weather is getting warmer, wetter and none of those pesky mosquitoes are out yet. Let’s celebrate by launching our 2nd Annual Great Spring Cloth Giveaway. This year we came back bigger (not badder) and more awesome than last year. From April 14 – May 5th you can enter to win an amazing cloth diaper prize pack with everything you need to start cloth diapering or just expand your … [Continue reading...]

Screen Time Solutions With Kidoodle.TV #kidoodlemom

kidoodle profiles

Screen time is a constant stress for many modern parents. How much, what shows, when? And my most hated part about TV, the commercials! We didn't have cable for many years and I took for granted not having commercials. As soon as we got cable I noticed a HUGE increase in "I want that", you know what I mean? I have found one solution that has helped my family. I have 5 kids, 4 of which enjoy TV. They vary in ages, 8, 6, 4, and 2. They have very different opinions on what they want to watch … [Continue reading...]

Mama, Mama, Wanna Run? 8 Tips to Get Started with Running

Mama, Mama, Wanna Run? Tips to Get Started with Running

Spring is finally here which means warm weather, sunshine and maybe a little rain here and there. Usually in April and May you see people outside a little more and more. Walking, yard work, riding their bikes and even running too! Running is a great activity to take up in the spring time. How does one get started? What do I need? Here are a few tips on how to get started running: Invest in good running sneakers. Don’t go buying the cheapest pair of walking sneakers if you plan on running. … [Continue reading...]