JORD Watch Review – Sully Series – Black and Maple

JORD Watch Review - Sully Series - Black and Maple

For day or night, business or pleasure. This watch does it all. Being an insurance agent, I have to dress to the nines. The Sully – Black and Maple by JORD - compliments my suits but looks great on a bare arm on the golf course and in other normal day to day activities. But the thing I like the best about it is simple. The Sully is a conversation starter. It helps me break the ice with prospective clients. Some agents wear funny ties or oversized belt buckles, I use the … [Continue reading...]

Tea Tuesdays Semifinalist #2

tea2 collage

This is our second week of our very popular Tea contest. We are giving away a $25 gift card to one lucky Tea Collection fan each month.  Our next semifinalist is this beauty in a Morocco collection Tea dress with Loganberry capris. Please give some comments below if you think she should be chosen as our September winner! … [Continue reading...]

Great NEW Sale On Tea Collection


We heard from a little birdie that there is a great sale starting today for TEA Collection.   From September 16-18 Tea will have 25% off their FALL FAVORITES! In order to redeem shop at and when you are checking out use code: "FALLFAVS" to save on select items.   … [Continue reading...]

10 Indoor Entertainment Ideas for Kids

10 Indoor Entertainment Ideas for Kids

When we downsized our already small house 2 years ago, most people thought we were crazy. We moved the last week of October 2012 but were so busy in the barns through the winter that the size of our house didn't register. Then summer came and my kids lived outdoors. Last winter we had a new baby to occupy and distract us. This year I will have a toddler, preschooler and 6 year old running around our house. A house that basically consists of a living room, kitchen, and combined office/dining … [Continue reading...]

The Halloween Dilemma: Costumes, Characters and So Much More!

The Halloween Dilemma: Costumes, Characters and So Much More!

I don't know about your kiddies but as soon as school starts mine know this means fall is almost here and for them fall automaticall equals Halloween. From the first day of school through til October 30th they are in complete planning mode. They must solve the Halloween dilemma that is all about costumes, characters and so much more! Not only are they determined to out do themselves from the year before but they also want to make sure they get a chance to play dress up as their favorite … [Continue reading...]

How To Survive Commuting With a Child

How To Survive Commuting With a Child

I recently shared my daily schedule. Every weekday I drive an hour to get to work, 35-40 minutes of it with my 2.5 year old. That means she is in the car for at LEAST an hour a day. If I have to run errands or go to the grocery store the time in a car quickly starts to add up. Here are my tips to survive commuting with a child. Food/Drink – Snacks are a must. I grab 4-5 of the mini granola bars and put them in my purse. I really like to bring mini granola bars. They do not go bad or … [Continue reading...]

How To Raise Active Kids #FitMadeFun

How To Raise Active Kids: Fit Made Fun Party Brought To You By LeapFrog and Clif Bar

This past weekend I was invited to team up with LeapFrog and Clif Bars and host a Fit Made Fun Party. Of course I was thrilled to be chosen. If you are looking for active kids, I've got 5 of them!  Although we work hard on keeping our kids moving, we are always happy to find a little help. Sometimes the couch is just a little too comfy and sometimes we could all use some motivation. There are a few tricks I do to keep my kids moving. 1. Lead By Example: This one is hard, especially … [Continue reading...]

Homemade Mozzarella Recipe

Homemade Mozzarella Cheese Recipe

If you love the taste of fresh mozzarella you are going to love this recipe!  The mozzarella is rich, smooth and incredibly delicious.  Read through the directions before starting this recipe and get all your tools out beside your stove.  You may find it sounds a bit tricky, but once you've completed it once you'll find it is a lot easier to make than it sounds!  and well worth every minute once you put a slice of fresh cheese in your mouth.  What you will need: 1 … [Continue reading...]