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Five Things You Didn't Know About Birth Injury in Canada

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Birth Injury in Canada

When birth injury occurs, there is no doubt that it is a tragedy. No one expects a tragedy to come out of the miraculous experience. But unfortunately it happens. This post is intended to bring to light some things that families who have suffered a traumatic birth might need to know. This topic is hard for many people to discuss, but I think it is important to provide information to families suffering in silence.  1. Fault. Sometimes birth injury just happens and it is no one's fault. … [Read More...]



Travelling with Young Kids

Travelling with Young Kids

With spring officially here and summer on its way with family vacations. Family vacations in our family mean long road trips with three active children aged 6 and under. After 3 different (long) weeks of travelling with them I've gotten … [Read More...]


Makeup Looks for the Office

Makeup Looks for the Office

If you have ever wondered what type of makeup works best for the office, look no further. One thing to keep in mind is that makeup that you wear out to the club with your gal pals on Saturday night is not considered proper office makeup. So that … [Read More...]





Tips For Getting Better Gas Milage

Fuel prices are at record levels around the country these days. It is for this reason that you should try and improve the gas mileage on your car in order to save money as the gas pump. Buy a fuel efficient car- One of the best ways to ensure … [Read More...]

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Best Spring Activities for Families

Best Spring Activities for Families

The two best sounds of spring are birds chirping and children playing outside. When you hear those two sounds, you know that spring has arrived. Springtime is the perfect time to get outside with your … [Read More...]

Office Attire for Women on a Budget

Office Attire for Women on a Budget

If you just landed a cool office job and you need some new office attire but your closet is filled with jeans and T-shirts, you will need some new office clothing. The good news is that you can get … [Read More...]

One of the first pies I ever made was a family favorite. It's called Flapper pie. A Graham wafer crust, with homemade custard, topped with meringue. It's incredibaly tasty, and I can honestly say, once you try it, you will want more.

Flapper Pie Recipe

Making pie has never been my strong suit. I would always ask someone else to bring the pies to holiday dinners, or parties just because I didn't want the fuss of making them.  Thing is, my … [Read More...]

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