Best Canadian Family Shows On Netflix #streamteam

I’ve shared with you my love for Netflix before, but in honor of Canada Day, I wanted to dive into a few cool shows that are Canada specific. Here are my family’s top Canada Shows on Netflix. Diary of a Wimpy Kid- Dog Days Um, this is one of our favorite shows on Netflix for so many reasons. I love how funny and entertaining the show is, but also how it’s appropriate for my kids to watch. This is also one of those shows you can watch over and over again and still … [Continue reading...]

What Do Kids Really Need?

What do kids really need and how are we robbing them of it? Kids spell love TIME - TOTS Family

Kids spell love T-I-M-E. Do you truly believe that? If so, why do you buy them so much stuff and enroll them in so many activities? Those are often the polar opposite of giving your kids time. Those things take time away from children. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing inherently wrong with buying things for our children or enrolling them in lots of fun activites. But there does come a point when it is more damaging than beneficial. So what do kids really need? They need you. How Stuff … [Continue reading...]

Great News For Canadian Tea Collection Fans


With all the amazing Tea Collection sales happening right now, as well as so many newly released Germany items, it has been very dispointing for many Canadian Tea lovers to not be able to shop. Luckily I am near the border to the USA and I can easily hop down to pick up a parcel from the USA. However, things may change! When speaking with Tea Customer Service a few days ago I was informed that Tea recently finished a Beta testing for Canadian shipping! This tells me that shipping to Canada … [Continue reading...]

Talking to your Teens about Domestic Violence & Dating

Talk to your teens about domestic violence

  For those who follow me as a Blogger, you know I recently wrote a book about my experience as a Domestic Violence Survivor. I escaped my abuser 10 years ago and it was years of an emotional roller coaster for me to recover. The fears stayed, the scars healed slowly. I had lost trust in others and learned to shut down and it took me years to find that 'off switch' to feeling like I need to close up often and keep my distance from family and friends. The physical scars healed fast, but the … [Continue reading...]

10 Tips for Living in a Hotel Room with Kids #totstravels

10 Tips for Living in a Hotel Room with Kids #totstravels

My husband has been traveling a lot for work in the last couple of years, and we like to go with him when we can. We try to see the area, but at the same time, these are trips of three weeks to a couple of months at a time—not really vacations. We aren’t out of the hotel all the time—we couldn’t afford to be, and we’d be exhausted! I like to think we’ve fine tuned hotel living to work pretty well for our family by doing the following, which I’m sure will help even if you are on a true … [Continue reading...]

Help! I Spoiled My Child.

Help! I Spoiled My Child.

  Are you guilty like me? Do you have a child about 5-7 years old and you just realized-they are spoiled! OK, you did not JUST realize this. You sort of knew that just maybe you were giving too much and spoiling long ago and perhaps it would catch up to you at some point. I am not talking about no rules or structure, but about buying them too much and taking them out for fun too often that you have created a little greedy monster! I sort of created that monster with my son and am in the … [Continue reading...]

Kids on a Budget: How to Choose the Best Toys for Kids

Kids on a Budget: How to Choose the Best /toys For Kids - TOTS Family

Decluttering kids toys is a hugely popular fad right now but it can be hard to figure out what is worth keeping. Too many toys can have very negative effects on their play, make a lot more mess, and they can steal your time. Watch your children to see what they play with the most. If your kids are anything like mine, you'll find that the super cool, awesome, flashy, and highly marketed newest toy on the block looses their attention rather quickly. So think carefully about your purchases and try … [Continue reading...]

Back To School Tech Sweepstakes – Enter To Win This Huge Prize

BTS Packs

Welcome to the Back To School Tech Sweepstakes! At Mom Powered Media, they believe in higher education and want to help our network readers get there. To help you do just that, they are giving one lucky reader a $500 Visa Gift Card and HP 14″ Chromebook PC. There will also be 20 second place winners to take home Back To School Prize Packages. So what are you waiting for? Let's get BTS ready, tech-style! Special thank you to our supporting co-host bloggers: Monica's Rants, Raves & … [Continue reading...]