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Must Have Cell Phone Numbers for Parents

Must Have Numbers in the Cell Phone for Parents

Life is busy. Be prepared for any emergency by having these Must Have Numbers in the Cell Phone for Parents easily accessible. Today most people have a cell phone on them. I got my first cell when I started driving at age 16. Main reason has always been in case of emergency. The reassurance that I can call for help if/when I need it. But if I can’t make the call, help is there but when they look through my cell for a person of contact, they don’t know who to call. What then? A lot of cell … [Read More...]


Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Easy as Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is a family favorite in our home. When I first made this, I thought it would be a lot of work. But using a prepared pie crust, frozen veggies and a can of soup, along with some chunks of chicken, this chicken pot pie can be made … [Read More...]


Learn How To Revive Play-Doh

How To Revive Play-Doh For Free

Is your play-doh all hard and dried out? Learn how to revive your play-doh for free. My three-year-old daughter was gifted Play-Doh for the first time at Christmas. It was her favourite gift of the holidays. She made shapes, fake cookies and … [Read More...]

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Starting a New Career: How to Cope

Starting a New Career: How to Cope

It is never easy to start over: relationship, home, finances or work. It is something almost everyone will go through in their lives, myself included. The birth of my daughter in the fall of … [Read More...]

12 Months of Nail Polish Challenge

12 Months of Nail Polish Challenge

With so many nail polish colors and textures, how do you ever decide on just one? Do you match your nail polish according to your outfit? Do you match your polish according to the season or a holiday? … [Read More...]

Tips for making freezer meals and places to find freezer meals.

Tips for Making Freezer Meals

It's the time for new resolutions, for making new goals!  You may have some ambitious goals lined up for exercising more, for keeping a cleaner house, or for getting to bed earlier.   … [Read More...]