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Salt and Vinegar Wheat Crunch

Salt and Vinegar Wheat Crunch Recipe

If you were born before the 90's you'll remember these delicious crunchy snack.  They were hung with the Corn Nuts and Spitz at the end of the aisles in grocery and convenience stores.  A little foil packaging just glistening under the neon lights calling you to eat them.  They came in many flavors such as salt and vinegar, regular and ranch and each and every flavor was just as yummy as the next.  If you aren't craving them yet I suggest you try out this recipe because once … [Read More...]



Best April Fool’s Day Pranks For Kids

Best April Fool’s Day Pranks For Kids

April Fool’s Day is also known as All Fool’s Day. It is always celebrated on April 1st each year in the United States and Canada. It is not an official holiday but many people celebrate the day with pranks and practical jokes. It is not quite known … [Read More...]


The Spring Weather Hair Guide

The Spring Weather Hair Guide

It is that time of the year. The weather is changing and Spring is upon us. That means new outfits, outdoor events, parties, and a new hair routine! I love Spring. I really do. It’s a great time to visit with family and to enjoy the great outdoors. … [Read More...]


Other Uses For Baby Wipes

Other Uses for Baby Wipes

Babies bring a great deal of joy and laughter to any family. However, they also bring along some pretty stinky diapers. While baby wipes are ideal for cleaning up these messes, they can also be used for a variety of other things as well. Quick … [Read More...]


Learning Yoga: for Us and Kids

Yoga for Us and for Kids

Normally, I'm not a slow morning person, even first thing in the morning, I just about run for my first cup of coffee. Workouts are no different. I like to move fast, getting the sweating done and over with it. But I have been wanting to try and … [Read More...]


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TOTS Jello Pie

No Bake Cherry Jello Pie

Growing up, my Mother would make this no bake cherry Jello pie for Easter, or for any special occasion really.  I had forgotten all about it, until one day when I got a craving for it. I … [Read More...]