Netflix Brings Back An Oldie, But A Goodie #streamteam


Netflix is bringing Popples back! I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember but way back in the 1980’s there was a show known as Popples. I recently found out that Netflix was bringing Popples back to their members, exclusively. I’m so excited because Popples was something I grew up watching and a show I know my kids will love. If you aren’t familiar with what this show entails, here is a recap: “Popples are fun, lovable, brightly coloured and adorable creatures that … [Continue reading...]

Fitting in Exercise

Fitting in Exercise

I’ve read this quote a few times on Pinterest: “You’re only one workout away from a good mood”. I’m unable to find the original source for this quote. This is true for me though. Crappy mood = crappy eating, lazy day, etc. Great mood = workout, healthy eating, etc. Exercise and eating right make me a functioning and happy mother and wife. Fitting in exercise with young children isn’t always easy, and eating healthy can be a struggle too. It can be tempting to take a couple pieces of … [Continue reading...]

It’s Fall! Fun + Educational Leaf Printables!

fall leaf crafts and printable

I love fall!  Even though I live in an area where winter is cold and we are stuck inside for a few months, I am so glad I get to experience fall every year.  The colors and beauty cannot be rivaled by any other season. Fall is also a fun season to get outside and experience nature as a family.  Jumping in piles of leaves, picking apples, going on a hayride, drinking hot chocolate --the list goes on and on of fun activities that are fall-related. One of my favorite things to do … [Continue reading...]

Tea Contest September Semifinalist #3

tea3 collage

This is our third week of our very popular Tea contest. We are giving away a $25 gift card to one lucky Tea Collection fan each month.  Our next semifinalist is this princess. She is wearing the South African Destination,African Poppy Halter Dress.Please give some comments below if you think she should be chosen as our September winner! … [Continue reading...]

Color My World Series #3 ~ Yellow. Introducing the Color Yellow into Daily Activities.


When I think about yellow, I get happy. Yellow reminds me of sunshine, lemons, and flowers. We're going to take a look at the color yellow this month. One fun thing to do with your child is explore the various yellow foods.  There are tons of fruits and vegetables that are yellow such as bananas, squash and lemons.  Buy some pineapple, yellow peppers or yellow corn and discuss the color yellow while you munch.  Or have your child point out all the yellow foods on a trip to the … [Continue reading...]

4 Facts about being a Stepmom

4 Facts about being a Stepmom

  10 years ago I became a blessed Stepmom to 2 boys who are now 16 and 22. Since then, my husband and I have our own biological child who is 6. We are your typical involved family. The oldest we still keep an eye on and give our 2 cents when needed, but have long let go and so far so good! The teenager is 16 and hates us when things don't go his way and the youngest is 6 and also hates us when things don't go his way. It is in their behavior we are confident we are doing right. The … [Continue reading...]

How To Build Your Emergency Fashion Kit

How To Build Your Emergency Fashion Kit

Every woman needs an emergency fashion kit. It will get you out of some embarrassing fashion situations and have you ready for anything- as you look your best no matter what comes your way. When you look your best, you feel confident and that can help you get more done during the day. So, really, an emergency fashion kit is essential! Aside from making you look great, though, it can help you feel your best physically, and not just mentally and emotionally. An emergency fashion kit consists of … [Continue reading...]

JORD Watch Review – Sully Series – Black and Maple

JORD Watch Review - Sully Series - Black and Maple

For day or night, business or pleasure. This watch does it all. Being an insurance agent, I have to dress to the nines. The Sully – Black and Maple by JORD - compliments my suits but looks great on a bare arm on the golf course and in other normal day to day activities. But the thing I like the best about it is simple. The Sully is a conversation starter. It helps me break the ice with prospective clients. Some agents wear funny ties or oversized belt buckles, I use the … [Continue reading...]